The three-day exhibition displays some winning photographs that were selected from a bundle of hundreds of thousands of photos shot by Wasif during the last two decades of his career as a photographer.
“Wasif has done a commendable job by capturing the Indian architectural legacy through the eyes of his camera,” said Ahmad, while introducing the artist to the large audience who sat at the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition.
The inaugural ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Sunita Maine Ahmad, the ambassador’s wife, and IISR principals Manzar Jamal Siddiqui and Nayyara Shaukat.
It is the first time the Indian Embassy has hosted such an exhibition that was organized mainly to appreciate the works of Wasif and to promote tourism between Saudi Arabia and India.
About 150 rare photos currently on display illustrate the rich Indian heritage, which was one of the important factors in attracting some 35,000 Saudis to visit that country last year,  said Ahmad.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, the diplomat also released a brochure that contains information about heritage photographs.
Referring to the progressively growing relations between Saudi Arabia and India, especially in tourism sector, Ahmad said: “I am personally gratified to know that a large number of people from the Saudi royal family are visiting India. I have seen that the Saudis have discovered new destinations in southern India, particularly in the states of Kerala and Karnataka.”
On the rich contents of Wasif’s exhibition, Ahmad said that it is very difficult to recognize or guess as how much efforts have gone into creating the rare photographs.
“I am sure that our IISR students will also have a chance to see the photos and visit the places illustrated in the pictures,” he added.
Wasif is a renowned photo journalist and a writer from Hyderabad. He has also captured in his camera the mega marvelous construction projects of the Kingdom, while working for the local construction magazine Al Bena. Moreover, he is also known for his reports and columns in Urdu News, a sister publication of Arab News.
Wasif regularly reports for Siasat Urdu daily, which is published from Hyderabad. Before landing in Saudi Arabia he was associated with The Indian Express, one of the top English dailies of India, as a photo journalist. The collection of his selected photographs will also be available for sale during the exhibition period. He is planning to host similar exhibitions in different Saudi cities that will, in turn, promote tourism ties between Riyadh and New Delhi.

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