security lessons in school curriculum tops forum agenda

“The move is to inculcate sense of security among students that will eventually strengthen the national security apparatus,” said a source at the Riyadh-based King Fahd Security College (KFSC).
He said there had been a consensus to include “security lessons” in school curriculum, including lessons on safety, traffic awareness and firefighting. The four-day event, to be addressed by some 35 top-notch scholars and security experts, will be organized by KFSC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, he added. The title of the symposium is: “Security awareness in the curriculum of public education.”
Referring to the agenda, the KFSC source said the symposium would focus on how to prevent fire, prevent traffic accidents, minimize damages from accidents and secure children in emergency situations.
He said security experts and scholars, mainly from Gulf countries, will shed light on various subjects related to safety and security. He pointed out that security and traffic awareness have been included in the school curriculum in several countries.
“The KFSC functions under the Ministry of Interior as an apex institution that has the mandate to impart training to the security personnel of the country including policemen and coast guards,” said the source.
The college, he said, has employed about 2,000 top-level officers who train cadets for police departments, the Civil Defense, drug control, intelligence and immigration.
Asked about the objectives of the seminar, he said several presentations on the best Arab and international experiences in the field of security will serve as guidelines for the Kingdom to launch similar initiatives. Moreover, the symposium will focus on a range of other related topics, including the hardships of life and protection in emergency situations.

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