The Riyadh chapter of India’s Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) has elected a new team of office bearers headed by Syed Mohammed Mutayyab.
Mutayyab, a civil engineer who has worked in Saudi Arabia for a decade, is the youngest president in AMUOBA’s history.
Besides Mutayyab, the new office bearers include Humayun Hashmi (vice president), Mohammad Abul Farah (general secretary), Safeer Ahmed and Mohammad Sharique Jalil (treasurers), and Ashraf Masood, Malak Feroz, Abdul Khallaque, Faisal Kamal Zaidi and Anzarul Haque (executive members).
The new team took charge in a ceremony on Friday, which was attended by a number of alumni and prominent NRIs (non-resident Indians).
Speaking at the ceremony, the newly elected president expressed his commitment to the welfare and development of the AMU fraternity and outlined a comprehensive plan to discharge his duties in order to serve the community in the best way possible.
His plan included celebrating Sir Syed Day on Oct. 17 in coordination with the university campus in India; preparing a calendar of events for 2018; the digitization of the AMU directory; a simplified membership system for newcomers; assistance in finding employment; and medical help.
“As the AMU alumni here have trusted us, our main focus will be to fulfil our commitment, and meet their expectations, by serving the community well,” Mutayyab said.
He expressed his hope that the new team would work hard to achieve these goals.
Mutayyab also proposed the introduction of a ladies wing of the association and said a help desk would be installed at AMU, with the help of the vice chancellor, to help the needy who are applying for various courses at the university.
It has been a long time since the last election and there was an impressive turnout from the younger generation, keen to see some change in the organization.

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