Burglars are on the prowl again in the capital city despite intensified round-the-clock security patrols on the streets and in the residential areas. Several cases of thefts and snatchings were reported in the city, especially in the three notorious districts of Haiul Wazarat, Batha and Somaishi — where burglars either committed thefts or snatched cell phones and bags from women.
The latest incident was reported on last Friday night, when a Pakistani executive Haleem M. Siddiqui was robbed in Haiul Wazarat district. “I was walking on a bit desolate road in the district, checking some information on my iPhone, when the incident took place,” said Siddiqui. “It was within moments that over my shoulder, the right arm of the bike’s pillion passenger appeared and snatched the phone,” he explained.
In fact, a number of burglars, mainly black Arabs and Africans, are allegedly snatching up cell phones, iPads, laptops and other electronic gadgets, to sell them,” he noted. In another incident, an Asian woman who identified herself as Sameena was walking in downtown Batha when her cell phone was ripped out of her hand by another black bike-riding bandit.
In fact, a group of bike-riding youths have stolen more than a dozen iPhones or cell phones of other types from men and women. In many cases, these electronic devices were snatched from their grasp by the stealthy thieves.
Police say the thieves are able to disable the phones and even render their GPS system unworkable and untraceable within minutes and then resell them for up to SR1,500 to SR2,000 each.
In another related case, Mohammad Ayaz, who works as a senior architect for Saudi Oger, lost cash and jewelry worth over SR45,000, in a case of theft a few months back. Ayaz said that “the thieves entered the ground-floor house in Sulaimaniyah District by removing the air-conditioner and creating a passage.
They then broke open the wardrobes and decamped with all cash, high-value gold jewelries and other belongings.”
Asked about his daring experience, an Indian worker named Javed Khan said “I was amazed to see three black Arabs following me the other day. They suddenly jumped on me to snatch the SR10,000, which I was carrying … I don’t know how they knew about the money.” Javed said: “It seems that a gang of some three to 15 burglars operate in unison and they identify the targets before they enter the house for theft or launch an attack on a passer-by.”
In another case a few months back, burglars robbed the home of a banker in Riyadh. In yet another case, a group of robbers inflicted heavy injuries, while snatching SR75,000 in cash from a driver for an international fast-food chain.

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