US Secretary of State John Kerry will participate in a high-profile regional meeting being hosted by the Kingdom on Thursday to discuss terrorism and security-related issues in the Middle East, including the threats posed by the Islamic State (IS).
The talks, to be held in Jeddah, will bring together ministers and high-ranking officials from GCC countries, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.
Kerry, who has pledged to build the broadest possible coalition of partners around the globe to confront and defeat IS, is currently on a tour of Middle East countries.
“Kerry will hold bilateral meetings in Jeddah and Amman with counterparts to discuss regional issues and the current situation in Iraq,” Johann Schmonsees, US Embassy spokesman in Riyadh, said Tuesday. “While traveling in the region, Kerry will also consult key partners and allies on how to further support the security and stability of the Iraqi government, combat the threat posed by IS and confront Middle East security challenges,” Johann told Arab News.
Talks in Jeddah will be attended by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu amid intense US-led efforts to include Turkey in the anti-IS fight.
Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Sameh Shokri, will head a high-level delegation to take part in the talks.
The negotiations between officials in Jeddah will determine the nature of the alliance expected to be formed to face the threat of IS.
The announcement to hold the meeting comes a day after Riyadh backed an Arab League resolution emphasizing the need to take quick measures to crush regional terrorist organizations.
The meeting in Jeddah is also likely to discuss key regional issues affecting peace and security in the Middle East. In remarks made on Tuesday before his departure to the Middle East, Kerry said, “almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the IS threat.”

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