Retail giant Basicxx to roll out new fashion stores

New collections, new designs and a brand new season. Are shoppers in Saudi Arabia keeping up? Seems so as Basicxx fast-fashion brand has now topped other top apparel brands in the Kingdom, when it comes to average sales per store thanks to its “affordable, copycat versions” of the latest fashions and trends.
“Hence, for this high-street fashion brand Basiccx, there is no looking back now,” said Mohammed Adil, CEO of Basicxx. He said: “The Basicxx stores to be rolled out across the Kingdom shortly present a new concept in fashion and home needs.”
Basicxx opened its first store in Riyadh recently and reportedly that day retail history was made as the outlet recorded the largest single-day sale by the retailer in the country. Basicxx’s fashion and home products are made to last for decades, get better with age, and fit as if they were custom-made.
With one store in Riyadh and two in Jeddah, Basicxx draws the whole family to experience and enjoy the goods of their choice — from trendy apparels to elegant home decors — offered at unbelievable prices.
Basicxx, the Gulf region’s major fashion, lifestyle and home ware retailer, has announced plans to open 50 world-class stores across the Kingdom at a cost of SR400 million.
Spelling out the details of the expansion plan, Adil said that “Basicxx fashion chain is planning to open 10 more stores in Saudi Arabia within a few weeks from now.”
He said: “The phase one of Basicxx expansion plan will attract an investment of about SR100 million, while investment in the second phase will exceed SR 300 million. We want to target Saudi consumers and residents in all segments.”
The move to open new stores at such a fast pace is mainly aimed at grabbing a “leadership position” in the domestic retail market, said Adil, who is a top-notch business professional known across the world.
“Basicxx has set itself apart with its unique vision of a stylish lifestyle, that is expressed not just through trendy apparel but also elegant home décor,” Adil said while giving an overview of the company.
“We have on offer the best and latest trends from the world over — off the catwalks and into your wardrobe,” said the Basicxx CEO. He pointed out that the Basicxx teams travel all over the globe to scout the best fashions and home décor. “In fact, Basicxx is a one stop shop for the whole family,” said Mohammed Shahab, chief of Basicxx operations, in Saudi Arabia.
“A spacious ambience, chic interiors and an astonishing range of fashionable labels all under one roof — that’s what makes shopping at Basicxx an unforgettable experience for the whole family,” Shahab noted.
In fact, Basicxx is the first fashion store of its kind, which will source and display the latest fashion within days of their launch in Europe, the US or any other country, he said, adding that more than 3,500 fashion items are under the one roof at the store at the moment. This dynamic fashion and home needs retailer is manned by a young and energetic professional team across the Gulf, including the Kingdom.
The concept Basicxx is owned by Al-Yasra group, one of the major business conglomerates based in Kuwait and operating in and around the GCC in several sectors, including food and fashion.
Al-Yasra has developed Basicxx as a shopping destination for value-conscious families and individuals.
Referring to the consistent growth in the number of footfalls at Basicxx stores.
Syed Irfan Ahmed, Basicxx assistant marketing manager, said: “The amazing offers from Basicxx will definitely captivate every discriminating customer in the Kingdom. The Basicxx store in Riyadh located at Riyadh Gallery in an area of around 2,956 sqm of space is attracting huge crowds of customer.” He said: “Our other two stores located in Jeddah at Aziz Mall and Salaam Mall occupying an area of 1,428 sqm and 912 sqm, respectively are doing well.”
The dynamic fashion and home needs retailer is manned by young and energetic professional team in the Kingdom, he pointed out.

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