Riyadh, US to bolster educational relations

Joseph W. Westphal, ambassador of the United States to Saudi Arabia, met Higher Education Minister Khaled Al-Anqari on Thursday to discuss strengthening of educational relations between the US and Saudi Arabia.
During their talks, Al-Anqari and Westphal agreed to hold “continued dialogue on higher education,” especially on matters of common concern and educational importance for both countries.
“Al-Anqari and the ambassador discussed the significant benefits to both countries from the large number of students currently studying in the US. They also discussed ways to better support them, and opportunities to strengthen the links between US and Saudi institutions of higher education,” said Johann Schmonsees, a spokesman of the US Embassy.
Recalling the close ties in different fields, such as science and technology, education, culture, and commerce between Saudi Arabia and the US, Johann said: “As a former chancellor, provost, and professor, Westphal described his efforts in the US to strengthen the transition from secondary to university education.”
They shared examples from both the US and Saudi experiences, he said.
During the meeting, they also discussed aspects of joint cooperation between the Kingdom and the US in the field of higher education, including the affairs of students on scholarships, issues of scientific research and the relationship between universities of the two countries. The meeting was attended by ministry’s undersecretary for scholarship affairs Nasser bin Mohammed Al-Fawzan.
Currently, the US hosts more than 71,000 Saudi students, who are on the rolls of different colleges and universities across the United States. The Cultural Affairs Department at the US Embassy offers a number of exchange programs designed to give Saudi citizens enriching academic, professional and personal experiences in the US.

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