j Which particular aspect (s) of Saudi Arabia do you like the most?
Friendship and generosity.
j What is your favorite and oft-repeated Arabic word?
j Your favorite holiday destination?
j What is the dream city/country that you would like to be posted after leaving Saudi Arabia?
Another GCC country.
j Which country’s people have you found to be most friendly?
Argentina and Saudi Arabia.
j How do you react to or deal with anger?
Some exercise and reading.
j What is your source of strength during tough times?
My family and good friends.
j What was your first impression about the Kingdom?
Different and beautiful
land scape.
j Your favorite Saudi dish?
Camel meat.
j The one thing about the Kingdom that you will always remember?
Saudi friends.
j If you were given only one option between Facebook and Twitter, what would that be?
j If you were not a diplomat, what would you be?
A professor at a law university.
j How do you keep yourself fit?
Tennis with Richard, my
French partner and champion.
j Your favorite restaurant?
Le Notre at Riyadh’s Centria
j Your favorite football club?
Boca Juniors and Al-Hilal.
j Your favorite actor/actress?
Ricardo Darin.
j Your favorite weekend activity?
Walking and playing tennis
with Irish Ambassador Niall
Holohan and other ambassa-

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