• Which particular aspect of Saudi Arabia do you like the most?
Saudi Arabia is full of welcoming and highly interesting people.
• Can you tell us about your favorite and oft-repeated Arabic word?
• Which book is sitting by your bedside these days?
A book about Syria before the war by German journalist Kristin Helberg and another one on Sarajevo in 1914 by Austrian author Erich Pello.
• Which is your favorite holiday destination?
Austria. During shorter breaks, we try to see as much of the Kingdom as possible.
• What is the dream country that you would like to be posted after leaving Saudi Arabia?
I very much look forward to my years ahead in Saudi Arabia.
• Which country’s people have you found to be most friendly?
Saudi Arabia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
• How do you react to or deal with anger?
Diplomacy teaches you measured and proportionate response to any situation. I remain calm when others get excited.
• What is your source of strength during tough times?
My family.
• What was your first impression about the Kingdom?
Saudi Arabia is much more diverse, modern and rich than many outsiders might think.
• Which Saudi city fascinated you most?
Riyadh and Taif.
• Your favorite Saudi dish.
Saudi coffee with dates. It is both a ritual and a culinary pleasure.
• What is the one thing about the Kingdom that you will always remember?
That is too early to say because I am still collecting images and impressions.
• If you were given only one option between Facebook and Twitter, what would that be?
• If you were not a diplomat, what would you be?
Who knows? I always found many things interesting.
• How do you keep yourself fit?
Through regular exercise and balanced nutrition.
• Your favorite restaurant?
Baalbek Restaurant on Arouba Street in Riyadh.
• Which football club is your favorite?
Red Bull Salzburg.
• Your favorite actor/actress?
Robert de Niro.
• Your favorite weekend activity?
Spending time with family and friends and exploring Saudi Arabia.

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