LuLu Hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia launched a mega melon promotion called “Melonic Festival” on Wednesday, which will continue until May 13,.
Lulu hypermarkets in Riyadh and Alkhobar will feature about 60 varieties of melons during the week-long festival.
Watermelon is an interesting commodity among the many choices consumers have when making food buying decisions. Watermelon is the perfect summertime treat that’s both tasty and good for you, not to mention thirst quenching, in the heat of the summer.
The festival will exhibit more than 60 varieties of popular and delicious melons from Saudi Arabia, Australia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Iran and the US. Display of quality melons produced from local farms will be a major attraction of this promotion.
Special varieties and colors of melons, watermelon, sweet melon, rock melon, honey dew melon, pepino melon, cantaloupe, organic melon etc. will be introduced at the hypermarkets during this promotional period. During this promotion, LuLu will exhibit a gigantic melon (average weight of 15 kg/piece), which is produced in Saudi Arabia and the smallest Melon (average weight of 300 gm/piece).
Saudi Arabia is a major producer and exporter of water melons and this promotion definitely will be a boost for local farmers for producing high-quality melons to serve local and other markets as well, said Rizwin, Razak, buying manager, fruits and vegetable, LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia.
“We hope that during the summer season in Saudi Arabia, consumption of melons will reach on high demand. As per medical reports, nutritious value of melons are sufficient to protect good health in the summer season,” added Bashar Naser Al-Basher, head of administration, LuLu Hypermarkets, Central Province.
The 2014 LuLu ‘Watermelon Festival’ will highlight a multitude of watermelon-centric activities and games to entertain the whole family.

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