Angry mom beats up female IISR teacher

A female teacher of the International Indian School in Riyadh (IISR) was beaten up by the mother of a student in a bizarre altercation on Thursday.
The incident, in which the parents allegedly forced their way into the school and the mother of the girl slapped the female teacher in front of hundreds of teachers and students, took place at the IISR girls’ section.
A probe panel led by IISR principal S. M. Shaukat Perwez has been constituted. It has already initiated the process with a mandate to take action in the matter, said Ommar Niaz, chairman of the IISR managing committee.
“What has happened is uncalled for; we will take action on Sunday after the panel submits its report,” said Niaz.
All teachers are upset over the incident, said Niaz.
Arab News could not reach the parents involved in the incident.
“The parents went berserk after their daughter was allegedly not allowed to cheat in the examination,” said a school official, who did not want to be identified.
“I am shocked and saddened by the parent’s actions,” said a teacher, who also spoke on condition on anonymity. “I feel bad for the students who had the misfortune of witnessing the incident,” she said. “Everyone will agree that barging into school premises to beat up a teacher is not only outrageous and illegal, but sets a truly poor example for all students,” she said.
The IISR has witnessed several other incidents of gross indiscipline in recent months.
Two teachers were involved in a fistfight following an altercation on the IISR boys’ campus, while in another incident, a female student was brought to book after she allegedly bunked classes to spend the day with a boyfriend.
The IISR has also a notorious reputation for having overcrowded classrooms in contravention to regulations set by India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
Some classrooms have up to 55 students.
Parents have also questioned financial transparency after the IISR and other embassy-run schools stopped publishing audited financial statements.

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