Saudi Arabia has strongly condemned the fatal bombing in Bahrain that killed three policemen, including an Emirati police officer, branding it a “terrorist act.”
Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal denounced the attack Thursday and called for punishing the perpetrators of the explosion that was primarily aimed at sparking violence in Bahrain and destabilizing the peace and security of the neighboring Gulf states. “The incidents in Bahrain are utterly criminal,” said Prince Saud in a statement published in the local media.
He said the Kingdom considers these incidents “terrorist acts” and that “such criminal actions are not unacceptable to any nation or person who has faith in Islamic and Arab solidarity.”
The GCC and Bahrain have asked Iran to refrain from fomenting violence in Bahrain and the region at large.
Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, rebuked Iran on Thursday at the UN Human Rights Council forum in Geneva. “This is terrorism…premeditated,” said Al-Khalifa in a statement released on Thursday.
He further said “the Iranian meddling in the affairs of Bahrain has become evident from the increase in the terrorist activities” in his country. He told a local daily that his country “is now suffering from an increase in terrorist activities because of the hostile role of certain countries in the region.”
“We have issued a statement listing three organizations on the terror list and will be in contact with the world about this matter,” he said.
“Terrorism is one thing and political actions are something else,” the Bahraini minister said in response to a question about the opposition’s aim to undermine the security of Bahrain in particular and the Gulf region in general.
“The menace of terrorism is posing a growing threat to the peace and security of the Gulf region. The Gulf countries are concerned over the situation.” He added: “The UAE has also taken a firm stance against terrorism and voiced its support for Bahrain. The GCC countries as a bloc are exerting efforts to ensure peace and security in the Gulf and in the extended region.”
GCC foreign ministers also condemned Tuesday night the bomb explosion.
Bahrain blacklisted three anti-government groups as terrorist organizations after the explosion.
These groups are Saraya Al-Ashtar (Ashtar Brigade), Saraya Al-Muqawama (Resistance Brigade) and others associated or allied to them. The decision effectively outlaws these groups and makes their members subject to imprisonment. Bahrain listed Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a terrorist organization last year.

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