JMI alumni elect new president

Indian community representative Ghizal Mahdi has been elected for a two-year term as president of the local chapter of India’s Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Alumni Association.
Mahdi, an alumnus of JMI, has been entrusted with the task of leading the 12-member newly-elected alumni association.
“With the new team, I will be able to focus on increasing alumni interaction and supporting more opportunities to assist members of the alumni in particular and Indian expatriates in general,” said Mahdi, who was associated with the Arabic department of JMI. Other office bearers, namely Ghayasuddin Mohammad, Abid Aqeel, Irfanul Haque, and Abdur Rahman, were respectively elected unopposed for the posts of vice president, general secretary, joint secretary and treasurer.
An eight-member executive committee for the JMIAA was also elected unopposed. The executive members are Azmatullah Khan, Farrukh Ahmad, Neemu Khan, Anwar Pasha, Ayaz Ahmad Siddiqi, Irfan Ahmad, Naushad Ahmad and Shamim Ahmad.

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