Brothers arrested for restaurant shooting

Riyadh police yesterday arrested two men who opened fire at Romansiya Restaurant in Al-Suwaidi district on Monday.
“The brothers have admitted to the crime and explained the incident in detail to the police,” said Riyadh police spokesman Col. Nasser bin Saeed Al-Qahtani.
The elder brother admitted that he arrived at the restaurant after hearing about his brother’s involvement in a fight with the restaurant workers. He said he started firing his gun randomly and then fled the scene.
He admitted that he fired an unregistered weapon to defend his younger brother.
Al-Qahtani said criminal investigation and forensic teams tracked down the alleged criminals. They have been transferred to the investigation department.
According to eyewitnesses, a young man walked into the restaurant and got into a heated argument with an employee taking customers’ orders.
Shortly afterward, the customer left only to return half an hour later with a gang of 11 young men armed with knives and a machine gun. “They came in a black GMC and a Sonata and attacked the restaurant,” said Wahidul, a Bangladeshi porter, who works for a company in the same locality.
No fatalities were recorded. However, one of the restaurant workers was injured. It was not immediately clear what kind of injuries he sustained during the shooting.
Surveillance cameras showed that the man carrying the Kalashnikov rifle was masked, and after some investigation he was identified and arrested. Carrying weapons in public places is illegal in the Kingdom.

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