Two men have been arrested in connection with the February assassination of Saudi diplomat Khaled Al-Anizi in Sana’a.
Yemeni Interior Minister Brig. Gen. Abdulqader Qahtan said authorities at Al-Hodeidah Governorate seized the car that was used by the alleged terrorists. He said the duo using the car is being interrogated.
“Cooperation of the highest level between security forces of the two countries concerning terrorism is going on currently, besides an exchange of information that will reinforce stability in both countries,” Qahtan said.
Meanwhile, during a recent visit to the Kingdom to participate in the meetings of Arab interior ministers in Riyadh, Qahtan held talks with Saudi Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Naif regarding cooperation in the security field. The talks focused on stopping gangs operating on the borders.
“Yemeni forces are very keen to prevent any intruders coming to Saudi Arabia,” he said. “There are organized gangs that are trafficking humans from Africa to Yemen, Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia, and this is a worrying matter for us. But we are taking extra precautions to prevent Africans from intruding into the Kingdom, or at least minimize their numbers as much as possible.”
He said Sana’a realizes the damage inflicted on Gulf countries by such intruders, but he added that it is difficult to control the long coast of Yemen with the limited available capabilities.

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