A major IT solution provider, Infologic Consultancy Services PVT Ltd (ICSPL), on Monday launched a bilingual biometric-enabled attendance system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) for schools and educational institutions, eliminating the need for manual attendance registers. The new system will ensure automatic attendance collection and reporting to senior management, teachers and parents through a text messaging service (SMS) or email.
“The student tracking system has been highly appreciated by local school authorities because of the problems faced by school officials and parents, especially when smaller kids are left unattended or left asleep by careless drivers in school vehicles,” said Prof. G. N. Khan, chief executive officer of Infologic Consultancy Services while speaking during the launching ceremony. The presentation was attended by Vinod Sharma, Infologic project development manager, senior school directors and college officials. Referring to the highly-innovative services offered by India’s Infologic company, Khan said that “Infologic offers complete solutions based on three modules for the student tracking system (STS), vehicle tracking system (VTS) and parent authentication system (PAS).”
These services will replace manual registers by electronic registers that will provide an instant report about “student absenteeism and about the whereabouts of the students,” he added.
He pointed out that the badges distributed among students, called ‘Smart Tags,’ use RFID technology to identify and relay information for safety purposes, including when students get on and off their school buses and their locations on their campus or on their way to schools. In addition, a bar code on the tag has made purchasing school meals in the cafeteria and checking out books in the library much more easy and efficient for the students, he explained.
Moreover, the STS is likely to become an essential service for parents and school officials, especially in the Kingdom and the Gulf states, where schools and colleges have often voiced safety concerns. In a recent incident, a four-year-old Saudi school boy spent more than six hours in a locked bus after the driver forgot to get him out and take him into the school in the Saudi city of Arar. The boy was left in the bus sleeping. When the driver came back to the bus in the afternoon, he found the small boy crying hysterically.
In another incident in Jubail last month, a school bus involved in collision left six students dead and at least 11 injured. The parents of the students came to know about the fatalities hours after the accident. Hence, the Infologic tracking system is a must now, said Sharma, adding that there is a GPS-GPRS device installed on each bus/vehicle of the organization in a typical VTS setup.

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