At a time when many students are not proficient in writing, Saif Ur Rahman, a 22-year-old author hailing from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, has written a novel.
A premier Indian group called “Tanzeem Hum Hindustani” (THH) recently honored the young author in Riyadh by marking the release “The Nucle Saga 1”
“Young Saif is an iconic symbol of our new generation and the world of literature has begun to acknowledge the contribution of this young and talented English writer,” said Mohammed Quaiser, THH president, who presided over the function recently.
The event was attended by a large number of Indian community leaders and professionals including the office bearers of the THH, networking organization of Indian expatriates. Prominent among the guests who attended by ceremony were members of the managing committee, teachers and parents of the students of International Indian Public School Riyadh (IIPS), where Riyadh-born Saif studied in his early days.
Referring to the need to take steps to encourage the new writers like Saif, Quaiser said that “the recognition at a young stage will no doubt boost the morale of the writer for further creativity. If you read ‘The Nucle Saga 1’, you will notice that Saif has all the qualities of a good writer.”
THH also conferred on Saif the “Award of Excellence.” Imtiaz Ali, chairman of the IIPS managing committee, and Salman Khalid, a member of the committee, presented a memento to Saif on behalf of the committee and IIPS. M.A.R. Saleem, a well-known architect and president of Hindustani Bazme-e-Urdu, unveiled Saif’s novel amid thunderous applause.
Syed Sajid Ali and Mohammed Arshad, librarian of IIPS, also spoke about Saif’s literary contribution. The author shared his thoughts and briefed the audience about his book with a synopsis. The audience also had the chance to interact with Saif. Born in Riyadh, Saif is currently pursuing engineering courses at the Mufakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology in Hyderabad.
He started working on his novel when he was in Grade IX at the Riyadh school.
“Without the encouragement of my parents and IIPS, I wouldn’t have been able to venture into writing and complete my work,” Saif said. He made history by launching his book at the age of 21. That’s not all; it is the first part of the series of five books he has planned. “I’m excited to see Saif as an accomplished writer of the future”, said the proud father. Zubair Mohiuddin, performance analyst from Ibn Zahr SABIC Jubail, gave the vote of thanks, followed by concluding remarks from Syed Shahabuddin, consultant at STC. Javed Ali anchored the program, which began with recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Hafiz Mohammed Younus.

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