A top-notch Indian engineer, Faisal Ziauddin, who worked as a group manager for Middle East Specialized Cables Group, will leave Riyadh on Friday after completing more than 14 years of his service in Saudi Arabia. Arab News caught up with Faisal at a farewell function organized in his honor by the Riyadh-based Indian Engineers Forum (IEF) and asked him to share his memories about the Kingdom.
Faisal, who spoke at the farewell function, said that the Kingdom has been his second home and a place where he has had “extensive opportunities to meet and interact with people of different countries and diverse ethnicity.”
“I learned a lot by meeting my fellow engineers and by socializing with professionals in Riyadh,” said Faisal, adding that such a multi-ethnic society cannot be found elsewhere in the world.
The farewell function hosted by the IEF was attended by several technocrats, IEF members, executive coordinators and well-known community leaders. Suhail Ahmad, president of IEF Riyadh chapter, delivered the welcome address, while Owais Ahmed, a member of the IEF advisory board, shared his moments of association with Faisal over the years.
Ahmed urged people to emulate Faisal and to learn from his life.
IEF chief Suhail, who is a senior process consultant at the Ministry of Water and Electricity, drew the attention of the audience stressing the importance of engineers and their contribution.
He shared his memories of association with Faisal and expressed his views about the role of IEF in giving a new face to the engineering community. He greatly applauded the contribution of Faisal. The event was anchored by Farhan Hashmi, another IEF member.
Faisal shared his successful career story. “The IEF has always been a source of education since its inception 14 years ago,” he added. Other prominent IEF consultative council members including Abraham Daniel, Mohd. Mubin, Masood Naqvi and Bilal Habib also addressed the audience on this occasion. Owais and Suhail presented a certificate of appreciation to Faisal on this occasion.

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