RIYADH: For those who think that academics and sports do not go hand in hand, here is a brilliant girl, who has excelled in both fields. Wardah Talib, 18, a national-level table tennis player and captain of the Riyadh-based International Indian School (IISR), has won several awards and commendations at such a tender age. Wardah also bagged 96 percent marks in senior secondary examination conducted by India’s Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) this year.
She is now heading for Malaysia, where the Kuala Lumpur-based International Islamic University has given her admission on priority basis in a B. Tech course. Wardah, who was commended by her classmates and relatives at a farewell party yesterday, told Arab News, “I strongly believe that there should be a combination of academics, sports and other activities in a student’s life.”
Wardah, who played in a table tennis national championship in the Indian city of Nagpur, brushed aside the notion that sports comes in the way of academic excellence. She participated in the MEIS Open Table Tennis Tournament this year and secured winner position in Youth Girls Double as well as winner position in Youth Girls Team Championship. This girl, named as the IISR’s “Best Student” based on all-round performance, was the school captain during the 2011-2012 academic year.
She was also elected as head girl in 2010 and participated in the schools’ cluster meets in different Indian and Saudi cities including Jeddah, Dammam and Jubail. She brought several prizes and laurels to the school in those events. According to Talib Ur Rehman, father of Wardah, “It is sheer hard work that helped her excel in academics and sports. Success stories are not made in a day,” said Rehman, adding that Wardah proved herself as a disciplined and sincere student in the academy.
Now, the entire family of Wardah as well as the school is basking in her reflected glory. Wardah, who is the third child among five brothers and sisters, has been a record breaker since her childhood. “Contrary to what people say, my involvement in sports inspired me to do better in academics, and sports gave me much-needed exposure, which helps me in my career,” said the outgoing IISR captain.

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