The drive toward e-governance for Saudi Arabia, which is now benefiting both public and private sectors alike, received a major boost from the Saudi government after the e-government program “Yesser” launched its second edition of the Saudi e-Government Achievement Award (Enjaz). The award will serve as a major tool to encourage, inspire and value government agencies’ efforts for advancing e-government services in the Kingdom.
“The award is designed to value efforts made by government agencies to support the keen interest of the Kingdom’s wise leadership in providing better and more customer friendly e-services to individuals and businesses,” said Ali bin Saleh Al-Soma, Yesser chief.
The Enjaz provides a platform for acknowledging the competency of businesses that provide e-services and for promoting cooperation between governmental agencies to ensure high quality e-services to citizens, expatriates and business organizations.
The award contributes to developing tangible performance improvements within government agencies, highlights their outstanding achievements while strengthening the concept of the “electronic environment” by contributing to the welfare of Saudi society. The award’s objective is to motivate government agencies to deliver better and more customer-friendly services to individuals.
Referring to the details of the award, Al-Soma said “The award will highlight winning agencies as model examples that utilize ICT technology to deliver better services to customers and support them as a ‘Saudi reference for e-services.’ ” The award is divided into seven categories.
The first category is “Serving People Better” in which the award recognizes those government entities that have used ICT to provide and improve governmental services, transactions and interactions with citizens and residents. The second category is “Promoting Economy,” which recognizes those government entities that use ICT for improved services, transactions and interactions between the government and private sectors. The third category falls under the title “Working Across Agencies” (government to government). This award will be given to those government agencies that distinguish themselves in using ICT to provide e-services to other governmental agencies.
The fourth category will be awarded for “e-Leadership,” which will be given to the top three positions in the “e-Transformation Measurement,” which is implemented by Yesser each year. The fifth category will be given for “Community e-Participation,” which will recognize those government entities that consider and use suggestions and recommendations by the consumers (public, private or government) through ICT tools during the development of policies and regulations.
The sixth category is for those which offer “Services through Smart Devices.” This award recognizes government entities providing access to government information or services through smart devices or mobile applications.
The last award will be given under the title called “e-Participation.” It is open to the public for contributing creative and innovative ideas which may improve the quality of government e-services.
It is important to note that this is the second edition of the Enjaz award. The first edition of Enjaz had more than 150 projects from government agencies and individuals with rich ideas and contents. A total of 15 government agencies won awards in the government-related categories and three individual competitors also won in the e-Participation category.

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