Diplomats body arrives in Riyadh

A special aircraft carrying the body of Saudi diplomat Khalaf  Al Ali who was shot dead near his house in the Bangladeshi capital two days ago landed in Riyadh last night.

THe body received by a large numbers of Saudi officials mainly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and led by Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah, deputy Minister of foreign Affairs.

Al- Askary , who expressed his shock and sorrow over the killing of 45-year old Al-Ali,said the funeral would take place today. He said a team of Saudi officials and investigating experts mainly from the Miistry of Foreign Affairs had arrived in Bangladesh to assist Bangladeshi security officers and investigaters in solving the murder. Al-Ali was second secetary at the  embassy in Dhaka.

Bangladesh police handed over the body to the legal adviser to the Saudi Embassy Mohammad Jashim Uddin Sarkar after collecting it from the Dhaka Medical College and hospital morgueearlier yesterday. The body was then bought to the Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport in Dhaka were funeral prayer was held before being flown to Riyadh.

Al-Ali was shot dead 30 yards from his house in the Gulshan area.of the Bangladeshi capitalearly Tuesday. Asked about the progress in investigation into the case, Al-Askary said: ”We are still without a clue about the motive behind the killing of official”.

He, however , expressed hope that the murderer would be caught.

The forensic report said a single bullet pierced through the left part of Khalaf’s chest and hit his kidney that led to heavy bleeding eventually his death at a Dhaka hospital.

Al-Ali was preparing to leave Dhaka for Jordan a few weeks from now, said his brother Khalid Mohammad in Riyadh yesterday. He said his brother called him on Monday to inquaire about his son only sn, 24 year old Nasser. ” We are a family of nine memebers and Khalaf was like our father as we lost both our parents, ” Khalid added . Al-Ali had no enemy or problem with anyone, he said. He revealed his incident had left a deep sense of sorrow and loss among all members of the family.

Khalid denied his brother has been subject to any threats or harrasment.

Nasser tearfully said his father had ”sacrified everything for his country.

Referring to fears that the incident may strain relations between Riyadh and Dhaka, a report published in Bangla News said DipuMani , Bangladeshi Foreign Minister , would visit the Kingdom within a few days from now to brief Saudi authorities on the case. The visit also aims to ensure the incident would not have any bearing on the Bangladesh – Saudi relationship,said the report.

Speaking to reporters in Dhaka yesterday , Moni said : ”I will go to Riyadh while returning from the German city of Hamburg. ”The itinerary is yet to be finalized.

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