All these Saudi men and women included in “Leaders of Saudi Arabia,” published by Leaders Publishing Corporation (LPC), have the power to “influence millions of people” in the Kingdom and abroad, said Linda Adadi, an LPC consultant responsible for Middle East and North Africa, in Riyadh on Sunday.
“This major title, the first of its kind to be compiled by a Western publisher, will include business giants, key executives and shareholders from giant corporations, sheikhs, influential men and women,” said Adadi. Linda was joined by Laila Benali, another LPC consultant. Both have been promoting the book in the Kingdom. The book will feature the lives of some of the Kingdom’s most famous people and greatest achievers.
“This 300-page book, which will have a glossy cover and top quality paper, is scheduled to be released by May this year,” said Linda, adding the achievements of many of these leaders have helped shape the Arab world or even the world at large. Many of them are celebrities, she added.
“This will, in fact, be a book, which will contain listings and explanations of best practices of leadership that will guide young Arab generations to become better leaders in different fields in future,” said Adadi.
“As we grow older and climb the career ladder, suddenly many of us find that we are leaders due to our position. Being an inspirational leader who can bring about change is a tough task.”
The book will be organized in the form of biographies and photos with special reference to the leaders’ lives and achievements, which will serve as role models for many in the world.
“None of the members in the book needs any promotion,” said Adadi, adding they are already well known on local and international levels.
Asked about the special features of the forthcoming book, Adadi said people are obsessed with too many business guides, statistics, URLs, and company reports, which have no human factor.
“Hence, ‘Leaders of Saudi Arabia’ is designed in such a way that it enables outside investors or social scientists to get a touch of humanity behind all the pie charts and statistics,” said the LPC consultant. “They can see the Middle East is a vibrant force with such a galaxy of leaders who have the ability to influence the modern world,” she added.
She pointed out that Omnia International, the holding company based in Paris, an affiliate of LPC, acts as a consultant on this ambitious project and also works for European counterparts wishing to boost business relations with Middle East partners.
A prominent French woman Marie-Gabrielle Palau, who has extensive experience in the affairs of the Middle East, is working on this project from Paris. She has also been working on some initiatives to promote overall relations between France and Saudi Arabia. The book once released will be available in the Kingdom’s bookstores.

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