bahrain air gives fre tickets on board

Bahrain Air’s on-board raffle initiative, where passengers can win free tickets to different destinations on the network, is causing a “sensation in the skies,” said Syed Taqiuddin Ahmed, general manager for the Riyadh-based Safari Travel Group, which holds the GSA for Bahrain Air. The promotion, which will end on Dec. 31, gives customers the opportunity to win tickets on every flight, said Taqiuddin. He said “passengers transiting via Bahrain would have the opportunity twice and round trip passengers via Bahrain will have four chances to win tickets.” Travelers from Saudi Arabia has greater chance to win the free tickets on board, say officials. Bahrain Air resumed its daily flights to/from the Saudi capital on Sept. 28, linking Riyadh to major cities in the GCC, Levant, Africa, Indian sub-continent and Istanbul as a new European destination to its network. Taqiuddin said the raffle coupons are distributed to passengers as they board their Bahrain Air flights from Riyadh. The cabin crew conduct the raffle and give a passenger the opportunity to draw the winning coupon during the flight itself, he said. The captain then announces the winner and hands over the ticket voucher to the luck passenger. Also, all passengers will be enrolled in a grand raffle draw at the end of the campaign where four business premium class tickets will be given away, said the Safari Travel Group chief. He pointed out that the winners’ coupon number in the grand raffle will be displayed on Bahrain Air’s website on Jan. 15 Taqiuddin said Riyadh is an important destination in Bahrain Air’s network. “The daily flights strengthen our hub in Bahrain and increase feeder traffic to the GCC and the Indian sub-continent,” said Taqiuddin. Bahrain Air flights are scheduled to depart Riyadh daily in the evening, conveniently connecting passengers to Dubai, South Asia and other destinations, he said.

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