The call was made by Rexhep Boja, charge d’affaires of the Kosovo Embassy, during a reception in Riyadh Saturday night to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the country’s independence.
“Five GCC states, including Saudi Arabia, have recognized our independence,” said Boja, adding that Kosovo is still waiting for Oman to recognize it.
The reception was attended by a number of top Saudi officials and diplomats, including Alauddin Al-Askary, deputy foreign minister for protocol affairs.
Boja said the Kingdom became the 58th UN member state to recognize Kosovo three years ago.
“Kuwait was the most recent among the five GCC members to recognize us,” he added.
Boja said Kosovo is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its independence from Serbia with an ambitious plan to march ahead.
Saudi Arabia recognizes the Kosovar passports, which enable the citizens of the country to freely travel to the Kingdom.
He pointed out that all citizens of Kosovo who now want to travel to the Gulf states can now use Kosovar passports. This is in addition to 35 percent of the OIC countries. “The recognition of the passports is a great achievement for Kosovo because we are convinced that the official recognition of the Republic of Kosovo is coming soon,” added Boja.
Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga visited the UAE last month to attend an energy summit. She used the occasion to meet senior UN and GCC officials and seek their support for diplomatic recognition.
Boja said 88 UN member states have recognized Kosovo so far. The last OIC member state to recognize Kosovo is Uganda and Haiti recognized it on Feb. 10.
Boja said non-recognition has been hampering free movement of Kosovars in OIC countries.
“Although the long-sought goal of diplomatic recognition of Kosovo’s sovereignty is being achieved slowly and consistently, Pristina has failed to garner substantial support from the OIC,” said Boja. He said the country was still not a member of the OIC because of the cumbersome eligibility criteria for membership. He said OIC membership rules stipulate that any nation wishing to join must be a member of the UN first before applying.

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