Eateries robbed in Riyadh

In a daring robbery committed Friday night, burglars entered the restaurant, and made away with cash, crockery, gas cylinders and other items.
The police have intensified their hunt for the criminals. This is the second restaurant theft in less than a week. It is widely believed that the same gang may be involved in other robberies of restaurants and businesses in recent weeks,” a spokesman said.
In another instance, a popular restaurant in Haiul Wazarat, “Coco Palm Restaurant,” was robbed of thousands of riyals in cash, gas cylinders, and other items, said Amjad Raja, the restaurant’s owner.
He said that “a police complaint was lodged after the restaurant staff noticed the burglary in which sales proceeds amounting to thousands of riyals kept in the cashbox were found missing along with many other valuable items. In another incident, four young men were arrested for robbing a car in Riyadh late last week, said police sources. The sources said that the four men had allegedly stolen cars from different parts of the city during prayer times.
Police, who have charged these men for thefts and attacking innocent people, have not ruled out the possibility that they may be part of a larger gang. They are due to appear in court soon.
This is in addition to the day-time robbery of a car at gun point in which a young thief stopped a Saudi citizen and sped away with his car. Thanks to a police patrol, the man was caught and is now being held awaiting trial.
Incidents of robberies and burglaries are becoming very common in Riyadh. In one case earlier this month, a woman pedestrian was killed after she resisted an attempt by a passing motorist to snatch her handbag.
In yet another incident, three persons entered a mosque in Manfuha District, committed theft and even robbed the Imam of his wallet and important documents.

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