Saudi Courts To Begin Trial Of Terror Suspects

RIYADH: A number of terror suspects including three men whose names figured on the list of 85 suspects released by the Ministry of Interior will soon go on trial in Saudi courts.

“These militants, including the three who surrendered themselves before Saudi police recently under pressure from family and friends, are behind bars for plotting attacks against the Kingdom from abroad,” Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said on Wednesday.

“Everybody will be tried in a fair manner,” said Al-Turki, referring to those who are currently in detention facing terrorism charges. Al-Turki declined to say how many of these suspects are currently in Saudi jails.

The spokesman said that all the cases involving suspected militants arrested for plotting attacks would be transferred to Shariah courts. This would be the second mass trial of Saudi suspects since judgment was handed down on July 8 against 330 terror suspects indicted in 179 terror-related cases.

Al-Turki said that the Kingdom’s security agencies in cooperation with other major international organizations including Interpol have been trying to track down 82 most wanted suspects. Interpol issued on Feb. 10 an international alert for the 85 most wanted terrorism suspects, a majority of them Saudis. According to Interpol, 80 Saudis and two Yemenis are still wanted by the Kingdom on terror-related charges, including links to Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Al-Turki said the Ministry of Interior has sought Interpol’s assistance because its global police network and tools provided essential elements for locating and detaining fugitives for their eventual extradition to Saudi Arabia. He also urged the suspects to turn themselves in.

Asked about the nature of the case against Suliman Hamad Sueiman Al-Buthe, an aid worker who may be associated with Al-Haramain Foundation and whose name figured on Interpol’s wanted list, the spokesman said: “I will check whether Suliman is the same man, who was associated with Al-Haramain and who works in Riyadh now.” Interpol wants Al-Buthe, a Saudi national, as per the provisions of a UN Security Council resolution. A short profile of Al-Buthe and his photo is on the Interpol website.

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