Blast Damages Saudi Diplomatic Car In Greece

RIYADH, 15 April 2008 — Left-wing Greek arsonists bombed a diplomatic car belonging to the Saudi Embassy in Athens yesterday, causing extensive damage but no injuries.

George Kyriakopoulof, spokesman for the Greek Embassy in Riyadh, said the attack in a suburb near central Athens had nothing to do with ethnicity or religion. “It was a sheer act of vandalism, targeting foreigners or cars with diplomatic green plates in the Greek capital,” he said.

An anonymous caller from a little known group, named the “Cells of Subversion,” claimed responsibility for the attack. The attackers used a timer to trigger the explosion. The car was parked outside the embassy in the Halandri suburb of the city.

Kyriakopoulof said that the Saudi car was randomly selected. He added that anarchists generally target vehicles and property belonging to foreigners on Sundays and Mondays, while celebrating soccer wins.

The Greek spokesman condemned the attack and added that Riyadh and Greece enjoy good relations.

Last week, Greek arsonists destroyed 15 luxury Italian cars at a number of car dealerships in Athens. Arsonists frequently target cars and property belonging to embassies, banks, government agencies and international companies.

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