Cat Burglars Prowl Sulaimaniya

RIYADH, 18 October 2007 — Burglars are on the prowl again despite intensified security patrolling on the streets of the capital city as companies and businesses reopen following the Eid holiday. That isn’t to say the holidays have been crime-free; numerous cases of theft and snatchings were reported.

Mohammad Ayaz, who works as a senior architect for Saudi Oger, lost cash and jewelry worth over SR45,000 in a case of theft recently.

“The thieves entered my house on the ground floor in the Sulaimaniya district by removing the air-conditioner and using the crawlspace,” he said. “They then broke open the wardrobes and decamped with all cash, high-value gold jewelry and other belongings. … A green van was spotted parked outside our apartment.”

The incident, he added, took place within the span of an hour when the family was out shopping, suggesting that the house was cased beforehand by the crooks.

“The same thing happened with me and I lost some SR30,000 worth of gold jewelry,” said another victim, Mohammed Javed Abdul Khabeer, who works for a local pharmacy group. He, however, said that the Sulaimaniya police detained some suspects, who are being questioned about their alleged involvement in the thefts.

Abdul Khabeer’s house is located about 200 meters away from Ayaz’s apartment, suggesting that a band of cat burglars are prowling the district.

“It seems that a gang of three or four burglars are operating in unison in a green van,” Abdul Khabeer added.

The van, in the two cases, probably were parked just in front the AC windows providing a cover, said Ayaz.

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