Intervention of NSHR Sought to End Indian Couple’s Plight

RIYADH – Two 18-month-old Indian twins, whose parents have been detained by police for their alleged involvement in the murder of a run-away Nepalese maid, are sick and have been crying to see their mother.

Police arrested Roy Joseph and Biji Thomas three weeks ago. The twins are currently in Riyadh in the care of friends of their parents and are living on milk formula and baby feeds. “A group of friends and colleagues of the Indian couple have sought the intervention of the National Society for Human Rights in the case,” said John Thomas, a family friend.

Police detained Roy, a worker for the Saudi Binladin Group, on July 7. His wife Biji, an employee at the local King Khaled Hospital, was also detained a short while later.

When asked about the details of the maid’s murder. Prakash Kumar Suvedi, charge d’affaires at the Nepalese Embassy, said, “We are still trying to establish the identity of the housemaid. The embassy had been in touch with the Saudi officials, and we also visited the police station to gather more information.”

Since the maid was working illegally, the embassy does not have any file or documents about her. “To my understanding, the police only know about the nationality and a few details of the run-away maid from the detained couple,” added Prakash.

An Indian Embassy spokesman said the mission was following up the case. However, the embassy says it has been denied access to the couple so far.

When asked about assurances given by the NSHR, John ‘Thomas said, “A written appeal, seeking the release of the mother for the sake of the kids, had been submitted. The NSHR officials have assured us that they will pursue the case and talk to the higher Saudi authorities, but nothing has come so far.”

Police detained the couple after the maid was found dead in mysterious circumstances on July 7. According to relatives, the run- away housemaid had escaped from the Indian couple’s house that day with a bunch of keys and a mobile phone.

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