RIYADH, 7 July 2006 — An art exhibition focusing on the Kingdom’s desert life entitled “The collection of the Desert Dew” is currently under way in Riyadh.

The second day of the three-day exhibition featuring some 114 high-value pieces of art by Dr. Nada Abdul Rahim Farhat drew a big crowd yesterday. The artist has portrayed desert life using an array of artistic talent.

“Typically, art depicts personal and cultural aspects and is an outlet for conveying personal expression and creative ideas,” said Nada while explaining her artwork that is currently on display.

In Nada’s work, visitors are able to see fascinating images of minarets, Saudi milk bowls, circular carpets, mosques, desert dew, navigators and many more things in her artwork and paintings that are expressive as well as colorful. Her personal encounters in life and Saudi culture and heritage are the themes that feature profusely in her work.

Her exhibition has also attracted high-profile individuals such as the US Ambassador James Oberwetter and the Italian Ambassador Eugenio d’ Auria.

Born in Alkhobar, Nada is a self-taught artist. “I would like to convey through my art a message of peace to the world, while calling on the West to change its perception about the Arab world.

“My message for the younger generation of my country is make a better career and earn a living, while adopting a hobby,” she added.

Nada, who grew up in New Mexico before moving back to Saudi Arabia in 1994, is now a well-known Arab artist.

Her venture into the world of art began at a rather young age. Her painting skills and her urge to produce rare pieces of artwork were nurtured through the support of her family and friends.

Nada considers her long and deeply-rooted Arabian heritage to be the inspiration behind her rare and unique talent.

With art by her side, Nada decided to pursue a career in medicine and adopt art as a hobby. For Nada art has been instrumental in creating a purpose and meaning in life. As an artist Nada is a strong believer in the concept of art being a mirror reflecting trends within society.

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