Govt Orders Indonesian Maid Miyati To Be Shifted To KFSH

RIYADH, 4 April 2005 — Crown Prince Abdullah has instructed health officials to transfer Indonesian maid Nour Miyati to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH & RC) for further treatment. Health Minister Dr. Hamad Al-Manie visited Riyadh Medical Complex (Shumaisi Hospital) yesterday and conveyed the instructions. Miyati was admitted there for treatment of severe injuries caused by her Saudi employer.

Dr. Al-Manie said “Crown Prince Abdullah is concerned about the health of Miyati and hence he has ordered the transfer of the ailing maid to the best health facility (KFSH & RC) of the country”.

The minister also expressed his grief over the “disgusting” crime committed against the maid and said “this is a rare incident in our country and for our people who believe in compassion, brotherhood of mankind and peace as taught by Islam”.

Dr. Al-Manie pointed out that “necessary medical procedures have been nearly completed by the doctors attending on the maid” since she was admitted to the hospital on March 19.

During the health minister’s visit, some Saudi officials and Indonesian diplomats including Indonesian Charge D’Affaires Sjachwien Adenan and Labor Attache M. Sugiarto were also present.

Miyati’s lawyer Nasser Al-Dandani, who also accompanied the officials, demanded justice and said that the investigating officials were neither cooperating nor providing information.

Asked about the health condition of Miyati, Sugiarto said “she is recovering but she is still feeling intense pain in the bruised limbs and in the neighboring parts of the amputated fingers”.

Sugiarto pointed out that “three medical experts from KFSH visited the maid in the afternoon, studied the health condition and made their observations. Later, they decided to transfer her to KFSH, in all probability, on Monday”.

Asked about the status of the police case following the arrest of the maid’s Saudi sponsor, Al-Dandani criticized the investigators saying that “the investigating officials refused to provide any information to me or to embassy officials yesterday”.

“We are still waiting for the final medical report and we are also waiting for the doctors’ views on the possibility of carrying out any other surgical procedure,” he said.

He said “my client (Miyati) is too tired because of the growing number of visitors to the hospital”.

The 25-year old maid, who was tied up for a month in a bathroom and repeatedly beaten by her sponsor, was suffering from gangrene, severe contusion and bleeding besides mental tension and mood disorders, when admitted to the hospital.

Four of her fingers were amputated last week. “But, further surgical procedures cannot be ruled out to ensure her quick recovery,” said Sugiarto.

“We are very grateful to the Saudi officials who have been exteding all support to us,” Sugiarto said.

He also said the ban on recruitment of Indonesian maids continues. “At the same time, we are working to set up task forces in nine Saudi cities to look after our female workers,” Sugiarto added.

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