Ford Grants for 3 Saudi Researchers

RIYADH- Three Saudi researchers have won the prestigious Ford Grants for their pioneering efforts in the field of environmental education.

Saleh Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Shaeh, Abdullah Al-Woteid and Tarek Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Abbasi will receive the Ford Grants, which is launched by Ford Motor Company (FMC) to encourage people to conduct research, carry out environmental studies and generate awareness about environment.

The three works from Saudi Arabia, which have won Ford Grants this year, include a book on rare plants in the Kingdom by Al- Shah, another book on mangrove plantations by Al-Woteid and a study on protection of Al-Sirh forests from desertification in Makkah by Al-Abbasi.

“The winners of Ford Grants from Saudi Arabia will be honored at a function to be held in Dubai today,” said Jim Benintende, managing director of Ford Middle East,here.

Benintende said the Ford Grants now include 50 participating countries covering Central and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

He said applications for the 2004 grants were accepted in four categories: Natural Environment, Education. Conservation Engineering and Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage. Winning projects were in the natural environment and education categories.

Recently, Ford Grants were also made available for Ali in Abel Aziz Memesh, one of the organizers of Makkah Sea Scouts, when he and his group decided to embark on an environmental awareness campaign.

Memesh’s idea was to set up a series of information kiosks along the Jeddah Corniche to attract the attention of his fellow citizens to the issue of pollution and help the younger generation understand the benefits of environment-friendly behavior.

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