Babri Demolition The Most Shameful Act Of Vendetta: Amar Singh

RIYADH, 14 December 2004 — A high-profile businessman-cum-politician, Amar Singh, vice chairman of AB Corp with Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) and closely associated with Indian cinema, is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia to attend Sir Syed Day celebrations organized by India’s Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (Riyadh chapter). General secretary of Samajwadi Party, Singh enjoys good friendship with Big B, Subrata Roy of Sahara India Group and Ambani’s family, which owns giant Reliance Company.

In an interview here yesterday, Singh spoke about his mission and his imminent visit to a Western country for a month to shoot a big banner movie in which he will be seen on screen in a full-fledged role.

“I have been questioned by the CBI in the past, the UPA government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has asked India’s Intelligence Bureau to tail me, my telephone was also tapped during Vajpayee-led government and I am everywhere in surveillance because I am an important person”, bragged Amar Singh, at the start of the interview.

Singh also spoke of the achievements of his Samajwadi Party, especially when it comes to the programs and projects for Muslim minorities, particularly in Uttar Pradesh.

Singh said he is visiting Saudi Arabia “to bring a message of peace and goodwill to this pious land of the Prophet Muhammad” (peace be upon him).

“This message is for all the political parties including the BJP, which had to change its tune on many religious issues including Babri Masjid to lure minority votes to come to power”, said Amar Singh, a right-hand man of Mulayam Singh Yadav, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Asked about his views on the condition of Muslim minority in UP — a state ruled by his Samajwadi Party — Amar Singh said the socalled national parties like BJP and Congress have only paid lip-service to the welfare of minorities. He also raised the question of settling the Babri Mosque issue saying “Muslims have made it very clear that anything through mutual negotiations or court verdict will be acceptable to them”. The demolition of the Babri Mosque was the most shameful act of vendetta after the partition of the country, Singh said, adding this has shattered the Hindu-Muslim amity and made Muslims feel insecure.

“The so-called national parties BJP and the Congress can’t sustain on their own”, said Singh adding that regional parties are there to stay. The BJP believes its existence depends on Hindu-Muslim divide, said Singh. The Samajwadi Party believes in communal harmony.

Muslims were given due recognition in India’s Defense Ministry for the first time when Mulayam Singh was defense minister. Again it was Mulayam Singh who gave Urdu its due recognition.

In reply to a question about some concrete projects which took shape during the chief ministership of Mulayam Singh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh, Amar Singh said that a Muslim university has been opened in Lucknow and another named after late Maulana Mohammed Ali is being set up.

He said that obstacles are being created in the way by rival political parties including the BJP and Congress, hampering the UP government’s plans.

He also utilized the opportunity to applaud the progress made by Saudi Arabia and the Indian expats’ contributions. He said, “the kind of administration, the kind of progress and the kind of hospitality I have experienced are impressive and mind-boggling”.

“Here, we feel at home”, said Singh.

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