New Turf Technology Arrives In Kingdom

RIYADH, 2 April 2004 — Saudi Arabia, which boasts to have a number of world-class soccer fields and golf courses, can now use new technology called “Koro Systems” for the maintenence of tuff disclosed David Murphy, general manager of Delta Irrigation & Agricultural Services Company, here yesterday. The new system will maintain turf grass, repair the wear and tear of fields, and correct the compaction levels of the grass surface.

Murphy said that Koro Systems were used by the Olympic Games in Australia, and the “Koro Field Top Maker”and “Recyler Dresser” equipment have become an integral part of maintenance machinery used on many soccer fields and golf courses throughout Europe and Asia.

He said that Koro Systems were also in the UAE, Bahrain and the other Gulf countries, adding that Delta Irrigation & Agriculture Services Company in Riyadh has been appointed Koro distributor and contractor for the Middle East.

“Delta,” he said, “offers a wide range of specialized turf maintenance equipment services including Sisis and Toro machinery and irrigation products.”

Referring to their intensive involvement in maintaining the soccer fields and golf courses across the Kingdom, Stuart Nutt, Koro’s contract engineer, said that Saudi Building Technic Maintenance Co. (SBTMC) recently awarded Delta/Koro a two-year contract for annual renovation and leveling work for 20 soccer fields. Murphy and Stuart said they had trained technical staff to carry out soccer field or golf course surveys to establish proper levels of turf and offer experience to greatly improve ground conditions.

Koro Systems is an invention of Ko Rodenburg, who worked as Parks Superintendent in Rotterdam for more than 25 years. At the moment, he has 280 athletic and soccer fields to maintain. Rodenburg spent 8 years designing the equipment that maintains both warm and cold season turf grass.

The company has supplied irrigation and sports technology to Saudi Arabia for the last 15 years. “We are involved in an 18-hole golf course project for Saudi Aramco,” said the Delta officials adding that the company is also involved in similar projects promoted by the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu.

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